1950's spinner top made by J. Chein&Co. Item is in good shape and works just fine. Inside depicts a small town with children running. The train inside moves along the track when you spin the top. Item has some paint wear but nothing that wouldnt be expected for its age. The suction cup on the bottom is still intact and has no cracking. Really nice piece for a collector.
Disney vintage Mickey Mouse phone dated 1976. Tested and works great. Would make a nice display piece or would look great in your office! No scratches or major marking noted. There was a piece of tape someone placed on the back of Mickeys head that I have removed. There is a small amount of residue left but I didnt want to scratch the item trying to remove it.
Vintage Fisher Price Molly Moo Moo cow from 1972. Toy is in good condition with normal play wear. The pull string is broken but I would think it could be fixed.
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